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A 30-day free trial

When you sign up to Storypark you’ll get unlimited free access to all features for 30 days. Add as many children as you like and invite anyone you wish to share the trial with.

Upgrading to an annual or monthly plan

When you upgrade to a paid plan you choose the number of child spaces you’ll need and a monthly or annual billing period. Save 25% by paying annually.

If you pay annually one child space is 99c/month so you’ll make an annual payment of $11.88 x number of child spaces. Services with 1-10 children cost $9.90/month, charged annually at $118.80.

If you pay monthly one child space is $1.29/month so you’ll make a monthly payment of $1.29 x number of child spaces. Services with 1-10 children cost $12.90/month.

Removing and adding children

Remove children at any time without affecting their families’ access. Add new children to fill the spaces, or downsize your plan in your next billing cycle.

Add more spaces at any time. If paying monthly, next month’s bill will reflect the new spaces. If you’ve prepaid for a year and add spaces partway through you’ll be billed for those new spaces for the proportion of the year you have left.

No hidden fees

You can cancel at any time without cancellation fees. There are no long term contracts to sign.

Payment methods and sales tax

Australian customers can pay by bank transfer or cheque. International customers can pay by credit card or debit card payments via a free Paypal account.

There are no sales taxes for Australian or international customers.

Payment methods and sales tax

We can negotiate special rates for large or multiple sites – for more information, please get in touch.

We think Storypark should be accessible to all, whatever your circumstance. If you can’t afford Storypark let us know a bit about your service and we’ll figure out something that will work for you.

Your questions

If you have questions or any special requirements please call:

USA/Canada toll free: 1 888 330 9658
Australia toll free: 1800 225 147
NZ toll free: 0800 003 233
Japan: +81 359 375 565

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